Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Erle A706 (1967)

Title : Kill Me in Yoshiwara
Author : Earl Norman
Cover art : Barye Phillips?  
  [Japan : Erle A706, 1967. Pseud. Norman Thompson. Burns Bannion No. 5].

style *** 
substance *
collectibility ***

I must confess that until I came across this minor gem at a thrift store I hadn’t heard of the Earl Norman books. Apparently the hero is a kind of Mike Hammer who operates in exotic locales, most specifically Japan. Anyway, like the Hammer tomes the Norman books have appeared to decidedly mixed critical acclaim. The uncredited sleaze/cheesecake cover is executed in the Barye Phillips style, and at least one source lists Phillips as the artist. The semi-nude girl lying on bed looks back enticingly at our hero. Is she supposed to be Japanese/exotic? She actually seems to have quite Caucasian features. Whatever.
   Review by Tom Johnson at Pulpden.

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