Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sunshine Enemies

Title : Sunshine Enemies
Author : Constantine, K. C.   
Cover art : Bradley Clark (art); Jackie Merri Meyer (design)  
  [N. Y. : Mysterious Press, 1990. “A Mario Balzic novel.” Bold b&w lettering and retro-vintage cover art highlight a lively cover.]

style **
substance **
collectibility *

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pocket 1274

Title : So Dead the Rose
Author : Chaber, M. E.
Cover art : Jerry Allison  
  [N. Y. : Pocket, 1960. Number 1274. Pseud. of Kendall Foster Crossen. Front cover art : Jerry Allison. First printing. Originally published in hardcover, New York, Rinehart, 1959].

style ***
substance **
collectibility **

“She was dangerous – but beautiful!” 

Vintage Cold War skullduggery in East Berlin & Moscow : insurance investigator (and former OSS & CIA agent) Milo March is recruited by the CIA to recover stolen government files. Jerry Allison’s front cover art for the Pocket reissue depicts the elegantly sinister Soviet femme fatale in most alluring, spider-woman fashion.