Monday, December 5, 2011

Seis Tumbas en Munich

Title : Seis tumbas en Múnich : [una historia criminal movida por la venganza]
Author : Mario Puzo
Cover art : uncredited
   [Barcelona : Ediciones B, 2009. Traducción : Luis Murillo Fort. Originally published in 1967 by the Hearst Corp. as Six Graves to Munich, under the pseudonym Mario Cleri]. 
style ***
substance **
collectibility *

A happy memento from a recent visit to the Guadalajara International Book FairPuzo’s Sies Tumbas en Munich sports a tasty neo-pulp cover which depicts a pistol brandishing tough guy in the foreground, along with two femmes fatales, all presented in garish colors, heavy on the yellows, bright reds and greens. It’s early Puzo, and though I’ve not read the book myself, I’m told it’s actually a pretty good story, a revenge tale which begins in WWII and takes place mostly in the 1950s in Germany. 

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