Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bantam 779 (1950)

Title : The Case of the Unhappy Angels (Six Silver Handles)
Author : Geoffrey Homes
Cover art : uncredited

style **
substance ***
collectibility **

N. Y. : Bantam, 1950. [Pseud. Daniel Mainwaring]. Anon. cover design. Originally issued as : Six Silver Handles. Bantam edition published, April 1950. Creepy cover art with gloomy atmosphere; ambiguous reaction of the two women; distorted body proportions and posture, along with claw-like left hand on seated woman. The two women's rather ordinary/masculine features belie the cover blurb: "Two lying beauties play a dangerous game." In fact, the seated woman downright creeps me out : her head is much too large, is positioned too far to the right and seems to float in mid-air with no connection to the headless [?] upper torso dressed in purple.

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