Friday, June 18, 2010

Dell D375 (1960)

Title : The Obituary Club
Author : Hugh Pentecost
Cover art : Robert Maguire
  [N. Y. : Dell, 1960. #D-375. Pseud. Judson Philips. Cover : Robert Maguire. “First Dell printing, August 1960.” Maguire comes through with another knockout cover, this one using a favorite vintage paperback cover theme, that of the beautiful woman opening or peeking through a curtain. Great use of bright reds for the woman's dress, high heels and lipstick].

style ***
substance **
collectibility *

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  1. This Maguire cover is a recycle of a cover he did for one of my father's Ed Noon novels, from 1956... the original has more vivid colors and seems a little more interesting, though of course I'm biased. Check it out: