Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Site of the month

Steamy East. “The Orient was never like this.” The Mysterious East has long been one of the most enduring of vintage genres, and here’s a terrific site devoted to books with an ‘Oriental’ setting or theme. Two of the more interesting sections are : Resources and Image Studies.

The “Steamy East” site is by the same folks who who created the News Nishikie site, which catalogs, with many translations, woodblock prints used by Japanese newspapers in the 1870s to illustrate and tell many colorful and interesting stories.

“Do not, therefore, expect to find on this website the sort of consistency that is likely to be seen a monograph written and edited by a single mind in a single state of delusion. The states of confusion on this site are rivaled only by the dimensions of the Steamy East universe itself -- vast, warped, full of black holes -- and otherwise the sort of space no manner of matrix math magic could map into the flat, uniform world one will often encounter in writing that dwells on faulting Steamy East fiction for its tendency to portray Asia and Asians as strange, exotic, mysterious, inscrutable, sexist, cruel, or not quite human, if not mystical, otherworldly, superhuman. . . . What you see here will be what is out there in the natural world of Steamy East fiction -- with no apologies for the blunt and tasteless titles, cover art, and stories one sometimes encounters in the literary jungle.” – description of the Steamy East site, from : About Yosha Bunko and Affiliated Websites.

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